What is this place?


If you are wondering what this place is about....

It's possible that I linked your page and that you found this address in your statistic page and, just for the fun of it, you decided to click and here you are. Or you might have landed here by any other mean. The thing is, this is a mainly francophone weblog with an english title.I already have an online diary written exclusively in french but I am also an almost obsessive surfer and I like to discover blogs from around the world. I guess we could say that it's a travelling substitute in some way but I feel that there is something kind of universal in people writing everywhere but also something quite unique.

Because I have the chance to be able to read english almost as easily as french and also because I love to share what I discover, I've decided to start "Counting sheeps" which should become a bilingual weblog that will list the blogs and diaries I like to visit and will also contain quotations.

So if you happen to pass through here and that you feel a bit frustrated because I quoted you but you can't make sense of the other stuff I wrote, I apologize sincerely. I will try to post in english from time to time so that you also feel welcome.In the mean time, feel free to browse around and don't hesitate to drop me a mail if you have any questions or even just to say hi :-)



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