Life can be a bitch,

but it also has it's little perks...


But who am I?


I guess I could be a lot of things, then it becomes a choice of words and ideas. First I'd say I'm a girl with dreams. I used to have big ones but I think that now they've shrunk to simple stuff.

I like to write.

I like to create.

I like people because for me a person is like a land to discover.

I like skin and everything that's soft and can be touched, even a heart.

I like children for they are true.

I like the sky. I used to dream of flying, now I just lay back and look at it's everchanging lights.

I like the sea too. Its smell, its song and its immensness.

I'd like to look at him sleeping but for now I can only feel him. Sometimes.

I like music and words written and sung.

I like the light in my living room, flowing through the windows and the skylights all day long.

I like the moon and it's soft light.

I like to lay in bed and cuddle, discuss softly on a pillow.

I like to listen to someone else's dreams; those of the night and those of life.

I like words and langages, they're like the map of someone'soul.

I love life, its great discoveries and its small pleasures.

I like to leave things unfinished for the joy of coming back.


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